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Newcastle Pacer

Newcastle Pacer

Member Spotlight

Newcastle Pacer

Business History and Services Since May 4, 1978, the Newcastle Pacer has been an essential part of the Newcastle community, celebrating 46 years of dedicated service. As the only source of local news specifically gathered, produced, and written by ethical, trained journalists in Newcastle, Oklahoma, the Pacer offers a unique marketing tool for local businesses. By placing themselves in front of thousands of active customers, businesses not only boost their visibility but also contribute to documenting the community's history and building a stronger, more informed community.

Team Behind the News The Newcastle Pacer operates with a dedicated team of four employees:

  • Mark Codner, Editor and Publisher
  • Cathy Hanselman, Advertising Consultant
  • John Denny Montgomery, Owner
  • Emily Montgomery, Owner

Award-Winning Journalism In the past three years, under the leadership of Mark Codner, the Pacer has earned 22 awards in the annual Oklahoma Press Association newspaper contest. At the most recent OPA Convention on June 7-8, the Pacer secured awards in nine out of ten possible categories, including:

  • First-place in Advertising and Digital Media for communities with populations between 7,000 and 19,000
  • Second-place in Community Leadership, Sales Promotion, and Photography
  • Third-place in News Content, Editorial Writing, and Layout and Design

Advice for New Business Owners Mark Codner emphasizes the importance of loving your community and customers. He advises new business owners to actively support local churches, the school system, and understand the actions of the city government. Being a part of the Chamber of Commerce and local civic organizations is crucial for working together towards the common good.

Why We’re a Chamber Member The Newcastle Pacer values the collaborative spirit fostered by the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, striving for the common good of all local businesses and entities.

A Message of Thanks We extend our gratitude to all businesses that have utilized the Newcastle Pacer for their marketing needs and those who support community events and journalism. We appreciate your recognition of the importance of community journalism.

Contact Information

  • Mark Codner, Publisher, Newcastle Pacer
  • Phone: 405-387-5277
  • Email:
  • Address: 217 S. Main Street (Inside Rick’s Auto & Wrecker building)
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