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About Us

Welcome to Newcastle, where metropolitan amenities meet small town living, Newcastle is one of those rare communities able to maintain a "hometown" tradition of family, friends and community while experiencing unprecedented growth and development.  The Newcastle Chamber of Commerce is your partner in Business and Community Development. 

The Chamber Mission 

The Newcastle Chamber of Commerce is building a better business community through networking, continuing education, strong business relationships and community involvement. 

History of the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce 

The Newcastle Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1981. At which time the membership was 5 members. A resolution passed in 1986 that "re-activated" the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce with a membership of 46. Since that time the Chamber has continued to increase in size and participation within the community. As of January 2022, membership was at 182, with most of the membership consisting of local and area businesses and organizations and, individuals. 

Who Operates the Chamber? 

The Chamber is governed by an elected Board of Directors who is elected and other appointed business members. Each Board consists of elected office of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, all of which are 1-year terms. The remaining Board consists of Directors/Trustees who serve 2-year terms. To serve as an Officer, one must have served on the Board for at least one year prior to election, dues be in good standing and be elected to the position. The Board determines policies and is responsible for directions to the executive director. 

Chamber members can serve on committees and special projects or events. Committee involvement is the core of the Chamber. Collectively our members can do much more for the community and businesses than any one member. 

How we are Funded? 

The Chamber is funded by its members, through membership dues. Every member makes an investment in the future of Newcastle when they pay their membership dues. Other funding is developed through special events, programs and services coordinated through the Chamber.