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Ambassador Spotlight

Adriana Guardado

Adriana Guardado

Hello, my name is Adriana Guardado, and I am a passionate entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of businesses that reflect my dedication to quality, community, and exceptional service. I am the proud owner of Came's Tacos Y Mas, a vibrant food truck that brings the authentic flavors of Mexico to our local streets; 5 Estrellas Destinations, a full-service travel agency committed to creating unforgettable travel experiences; and Tri-City Cleaning Services, a professional cleaning company co-owned with my sister, Lourdes, offering top-notch cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial clients.


Came's Tacos Y Mas started from the heart of Tuttle, where with my parents we initially crafted our signature tamales using locally grown corn. Today, our food truck is a celebration of Mexican culinary traditions, offering a diverse menu that satisfies every craving with dishes like sizzling Asada, savory Birria, and indulgent Al Pastor.

5 Estrellas Destinations is dedicated to curating the vacations that you and your loved ones deserve. Our team leverages insider knowledge and deep connections with global partners to ensure seamless travel plans, allowing you to fully enjoy your journey without worrying about the details.


Tri-City Cleaning Services, co-owned with my siblings, provides comprehensive cleaning solutions tailored to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to using eco-friendly products and advanced cleaning techniques ensures a healthy environment for your home or business.

With each of these ventures, my goal is to deliver exceptional experiences, whether it’s through the delicious food from Came's Tacos Y Mas, the personalized travel planning from 5 Estrellas Destinations, or the pristine spaces maintained by Tri-City Cleaning Services. I am dedicated to excellence in all my endeavors and look forward to serving our community through these diverse services.

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