Sponsorships Help Make It Happen

As a non-profit organization, the Chamber relies on its members for sponsorship of the quality programs provided to the membership. Sponsors not only aid the Chamber in covering costs, but also benefit the Sponsor's company by providing a powerful marketing avenue for their business.

Sponsorship opportunities range from direct financial contributions to donation of prizes, gift certificates or other items. Listed below are just a few of the sponsorships available:

  • Events / Luncheons
  • Website
  • Newsletters

The Chamber recognizes that sponsorships ensure the vitality of this organization. The Chamber will work at promoting and recognizing sponsors at the events, in the newsletter, on all printed materials and through other media venues. Our goal is to provide you the best return on your investment.

How can I invest?

Volunteers Make All The Difference.....

Volunteers are the heart of the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce.  Business people (like you) have committed time and effort to energize our efforts. You are the reason we are making a difference.

There are many ways a volunteer can help the Chamber while helping the community. Below is a listing of just a few ways volunteering with the Chamber can benefit you as well as the community at large.

Volunteer Application- add here and possibly photos of volunteers

Getting involved with the Chamber will allow you opportunities to:

  • Work on important business and community issues and projects
  • Meet and network with other business people
  • Develop personal skills (problem solving, group dynamics, leadership, etc.)
  • Learn about and influence issues affecting your business
  • Be a part of planning the development of your community
  • Make a difference and improving the image of Newcastle
  • Positively impact the area’s business climate
  • Learn more about the inner workings of the Chamber, its benefits, opportunities and resources
  • Work on an issue that is particularly important to you, your company, or the community